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New to vaping? what you need to know

Vaping has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Despite this growth in the electronic cigarettes industry, not everyone quite understands what vaping is. 

What is Vaping? 

Vaping is the term used in the E-cig industry to describe the act of inhaling nicotine using electronic cigarettes (E-cigs). The vapor produced by an E-cig can come from e-juice, dry herb or concentrate. 

What is a Vaporizer?

The vaporizer is the electronic device containing various components that turn e-juice, dry herb or concentrate into vapor. Vaporizers usually consist of cartridges, battery, cartomizer or atomizers depending on the brand you choose. 

What is E-juice?

E-juice, also known as e-liquid is the material containing flavorings, nicotine, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. There is a wide variety of e-liquids containing different flavors to suit the needs of different users. E-liquids come in flavors such as chocolate, fruity, and candy flavors among others. 

Why Choose E-cigs?

E-cigs have been marketed as the best alternatives to traditional tobacco smoking. According to experts in the industry, there are fewer harmful side effects with electronic cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes. For those who are having trouble quitting cigarettes, switching to vaping will bring the same satisfaction as with traditional cigarettes but without the harmful risks. 

Unlike it is the case with traditional cigarettes, E-cigs are more discreet. Traditional cigarettes are known to leave an unpleasant aroma on one's clothes and body, making this experience an uncomfortable one for both the smoker and those around. E-cigs, on the other hand, don't leave a lingering aroma and one can protect their reputation with ease. 

E-cigs are also cheaper compared to traditional cigarettes. If you choose to buy a rechargeable e-cig, you get to enjoy different flavors using the same device for an extended period of time. This is not the case with cigarettes. You also get to choose a wide range of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. 

Getting Started with E-cigs 

If you are thinking of indulging in vaping, then it is advised that you learn as much as you can about the industry before investing your money on any of the products available. For starters, you want to test the waters by buying a starter kit which will help you understand what vaping is all about and the experiences to expect. Starter kits will cost you as little as $10 to buy and can either be disposable or rechargeable. While starter kits will be basic in nature, they offer you the opportunity to understand vaping without spending too much. 

Compared to traditional cigarettes, vaping is friendlier to the environment and less risky. Traditional cigarettes have on multiple occasions caused wildfires and burned down houses after the smoker through the burning cigarettes on inflammable materials. Vaporizers don't make use of fire nor do they produce smoke. You'll have less to worry about as far as the environment or fires are concerned. 

Cons of E-cigarettes 

Despite studies indicating the E-cigs can sway users from regular cigarettes, vaping can actually lead young people towards nicotine addiction. There are studies showing that young people who would have otherwise not used cigarettes may actually get tempted once they get a taste of the nicotine in most e-cig brands. 

Buying the wrong product may also put you at risk of inhaling toxic ingredients found in some e-cig brands. The FDA have in the past found anti-freeze and high traces of formaldehyde in E-cig brands in certain popular e-cig brands. 

There are also various side effects common among some e-cig users. Users may experience, sore throat, dry mouth, eye irritation and even damaged lungs with prolonged vaping. 

You are therefore advised to take proper precautions when buying e-cigs and their accessories. It would be wise to buy e-cig brands from reputed manufacturers and use the product as instructed by the manufacturer. 

Reading reviews about products before making a purchase can help you best understand what you are getting yourself into. Listen to your body might also help you stay safe with vaping. If you feel any harmful side effects when using e-cigs, it would be best to switch to a different brand or quit usage altogether.

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